Our company called Colonus Mezőgazdasági Termelő és Szolgáltató Bt. (Colonus Agricultural Production and Services Partnership) was founded on 12 November 1991. From 1 December 2008 we operate as an Ltd. It’s a family-owned enterprise with 4 full-time employees.
We cultivate an area of 108 hectares in the following division:

- 77 ha orchard
- 31 ha grassland
What we do
  • Producing fruits:
  •   Elderberry (32 ha)
    Quince (6 ha)
    Cherry (4 ha)
    Sour cherry (15 ha)
    Hazelnut (0,3 ha)
    Black currants (16 ha)
    Red currants (3 ha)
  • Propagation:
  •   Our licensed nursery produces mainly elderberry-, currant-, and blackberry scions. OMMI license number: 1326.
    Plant passport number: HU 0510101031
  • Harvesting:
  •   Black- and red currants with two (Joonas-1500 and Joonas-1000) combines fully or partially manned. We can also provide crates and transportation.
  • Wholesale trade of fruits:
  •   Buying up and selling elderberry, red- and black currants.
  • Arable farming:
  •   Producing grains, oil-seed plants and forage.

    „COLONUS” Ltd.

    Address: Olaszliszka, Petőfi út 1/9. 3933 HUNGARY

    Tel: +36-47/591-178
    Mobile tel: +36-20/316-9336; +36-70/425-2091

    Location: Olaszliszka, Barackos tanya 096 hrsz. 3933 HUNGARY